Three -easy to practice- grounding Techniques

confusedDo you ever have those days where no matter what you do, you just can’t seem to focus on the task at hand? You try eating something extra or maybe even having a coffee, but you still feel scattered and unsettled. This is when you could use a good grounding meditation.

If you are in preparation for a meeting, training, giving instruction to a group or work in education, grounding meditation can help you relax and focus beforehand.

Grounding meditation techniques are often the foundation for many other, more complex relaxation methods, but used on their own, they can be a great tool for everyday life.

By being properly grounded, you will be able to:

  • shake off the daily troubles and be present
  • Raise your energy
  • Create a container within yourself for energy to be held and directed

A good grounding meditation should leave you feeling focused, refreshed and strong in your physical body. You should feel alert and confident, not relaxed and dreamy like other techniques.

Basic tip that will change everything in your day and in your life: LOOK UP

When we are feeling stressed and anxious we tend to look down, this puts us in an internally focussed state where any stress or negative feelings are easily dwelt up and can quickly snowball, so the first key step in any situation of uncertainty, overwhelm, or anxiety is to look up. Move your eyes up toward the sky and take a deep breath in; keep your gaze straight at your eye’s height focused on the horizon.

“A  good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind.” Morihei Ueshiba {Click to tweet}

1. Connecting with heaven and earth.

Sit or lie down comfortably. Focus on your breathing for a while until you feel it is even and relaxed.

Begin by visualizing a gold and silver cord rising up, out of your solar plexus through the roof, then the sky, the clouds and past the sun.  It keeps going higher, past the stars and planets until you see a mass of white light way up ahead. It is so huge you cannot see a beginning or an end. The cord is drawn to the light like a magnet, and it takes root there.

Visualize and feel that your cord is being filled with that source’s energy and that you bring that energy to your solar plexus.  When you feel that your solar plexus is well and balanced, visualize that energy moving to all the parts of your body.

When you feel ready, visualize you are bringing back down the cord, and return to your solar plexus.

Now imagine the same gold and silver rope-like cord extending now towards the floor. It travels through the earth, and you follow it with your mind, imagining all the different mineral layers that make the globe.

The cord comes to the center, where a big fiery ball is burning. It is the color of lava, but looks like light.  The cord goes to the light where it branches out into roots that grab on to the ball. Take the time to feel how the feeling of being grounded enters your relaxed state.

When you feel that you are firm and well rooted to the ground, it is time to travel back up to your body and take time to observe your breathing. When ready, open your eyes, take a big stretch and carry on with your day.

2. Traditional Grounding Cords:

I like this technique because you can do it in any position at any time of the day and in any place. Begin by imagining roots coming out of your feet and going down into the earth as deep as you deem necessary. Then

visualize you are pulling up the earth’s energy into your system from the feet all the way to your head. Then, visualize you open your crown chakra and you start pulling down universal energy all the way from your head to your feet. Then you set your intent for the energies to meet at the heart and stabilize.

3. Tree Meditation

Nature is very healing and grounding.  This meditation is easy to enjoy if you love the outdoors.

In your yard, a park or forest where you have privacy (if that’s important to you), choose a tree that attracts you. Then inwardly ask it for permission to approach it. When you sense the OK, go ahead and do it.

Put your hands around the tree trunk or just sit with your back against the tree. Begin speaking to the tree, out loud if possible, or mentally, whatever it is that you feel most comfortable with. Then, when you are all set, start telling it about the story that makes you feel sad or some unresolved situation.

Trust yourself to do this.

Officially a tree hugger

Officially a tree hugger

Speak until your story is finished and you have no more to say.

At some point or when you reach the end, just rest your forehead against the trunk. Most importantly, do what feels right to you. You can experiment with these instructions and see how you feel and what happens.

You may feel the tree receive your story and lift your energy upward.

Your mind may become still and silent. No thoughts. No sadness. You may enter meditation or deep relaxation standing with the tree.

You’ll get a sense of the grounding force of nature. It might be the first time or maybe more deeply than other times. This grounding meditation can show you that Nature is a powerful healer. … You can release your sadness any time as well as other emotions.

I would love to hear your feedback on any of these techniques or you can share one that you are familiar with and that has given you great results.

with Love ॐ

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